Who is Yirui Magnesium?

Yirui Magnesium is a professional manufacturer specialized in magnesium alloys and cathodic protection products since 2006.
We specialize in the following items.
Magnesium anodes, both high potential and standard potential.
Cast /extruded magnesium anode rods for water heaters & storage tanks.
Magnesium extrusions (rods, bars, tubes, etc.).
Magnesium cast billets.

What does Yirui Magnesium have?

Solid financial backings.
Great management teams.
Highly experienced personnel.
Serious product testing & quality control system.
Advanced production equipments & detecting instruments.
Certificates of Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, and Occupational Health & Safety Management System.

What does Yirui Magnesium do?

Yirui Magnesium is dedicated to the philosophy of “Total Quality Management” and “Continuous Improvement” operating under rigid ISO/QS quality guidelines.
A fully equipped Quality Control Department and fulltime inspection staff supports the multi-shift operations.
Yirui Magnesium has repeated made significant capital investments to increase magnesium production capacity and improve management to meet the customers’ needs.

What can you get from Yirui Magnesium?

Quality assured products at competitive pricing.
Quick & reliable response.
Strong support.
Short lead times.
Quality services.

Yirui Magnesium is committed to operating our factory in an environmentally manner and is continuously improving ourselves to be the leading magnesium alloy production enterprise in China and even all over the world in the future. So far ,we have built solid relationship with many companies in Europe, North America, Middle East, Southeast Asia and many other countries.